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Two On-line Courses start in June, Register Now!            

Seed Bead Botany   4 lesson course starts June 9th

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Japanese Scroll with Beaded Dragonfly
and Beaded Sashiko  5  lesson course  starts June 2

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Online Students are saying:

No way to really express one’s gratitude for all the joy and excitement one can enjoy from learning your beading skills, except to say, thank you for being the talented and kind hearted instructor you are! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. Patricia

Thank you for a wonderful experience! Your teaching has been clear and your answers to questions kind and helpful. I like the format of having sessions with homework. The discussion board and gallery are fun and inspiring. Cathleen



By Nancy Eha

Nancy Eha has been exploring with beads and fabric for 20+ years.  She teaches internationally and is the author of 3 beading on fabric books.  You can find her on