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Seed Bead Botany

 Beading Classes Nancy EhaThis course is based on my innovative beading techniques which I call Crazy Beading, beading inspired by the opulent embroidery on traditional crazy quilts.

Seed Bead Botany is a 4-lesson online class filled with videos, images, patterns, and instructions with easy to follow steps. Course work includes creating small beaded flowers, leaves, vines, grapes, and berries. You will be encouraged to explore and create additional plant life with your new beading skills. Upload images of your work for feedback and ask questions of your instructor and other students in the private class Forum.
Get ready to explore both traditional and new fabric beading stitches as you create a bounty of beaded botanical beauties!
Who should take this course:
  • Students who have little or no fabric beading experience and want to learn beading basics
  • Beginning beaders who have tried fabric beading, but need guidance to achieve professional looking results
  • Needle workers with embroidery stitch knowledge who want to replicate embroidery stitches with beads
  • Quilters who want to add beaded foliage and flowers to landscape, seascapes, and garden themed quilts
  • Crazy Quilters interested in new ways of adding beading to motifs, lace, seams, and stitchery on crazy quilt projects

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Student Comments:

No way to really express one’s gratitude for all the joy and excitement one can enjoy from learning your beading skills, except to say, thank you for being the talented and kind hearted instructor you are! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. Patricia

Thank you for a wonderful experience! Your teaching has been clear and your answers to questions kind and helpful. I like the format of having sessions with homework. The discussion board and gallery are fun and inspiring. Cathleen










By Nancy Eha

Nancy Eha has been exploring with beads and fabric for 20+ years.  She teaches internationally and is the author of 3 beading on fabric books.  You can find her on