Come Bead with Me!

Beading is fun, and I will teach you how to bead like a pro!

Beading with Nancy Eha

You can bead like a pro, let me show you how!

Do you want to learn fabric beading techniques you can use on your projects?  Have your past beading attempts resulted in outcomes that are less than wonderful ?  Do you find yourself frustrated using your current beads and beading supplies?

You have come to the right place! With my accumulated experience, I can teach you how to bead like a pro based on my 25+ years of beading on fabric.

You can have fun beading with spectacular results!  My secret, I break each step of beading into small manageable steps which equals success for you!  Plus, I share with you my top beading secrets to make your beading time more pleasurable.

My passion for beading has led me to teaching beading internationally, teaching on line courses, writing three beading books, and offering you the best beading supplies for success in my online shop. I am located in the historic river town of Stillwater, Minnesota just minutes from St. Paul and Minneapolis and the MSP International airport and I would love to come to your city and teach workshops. Have your conference or education chair check out my website.

If you have been struggling in your beading attempts or want to add more beading techniques to your  “beading vocabulary”,  you have come to the right place! I can teach you to bead like a pro!

A great place for you to start is to look inside my books  You will be amazed at what you can do with beads and fabric!

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