Subliminal Quilting Design?

As quilter and teacher of original beading techniques for quilters, I am always on the look out for inspiration for a new beading class or quilting designs. 

Recently while teaching a The Big Sky Quilting Retreat in Billings Montana, I took a day trip to the quaint town of Red Lodge Montana.  As always, I become just a bit lost driving even in a small town. When attempting to make a U turn on a side residential street, I saw this unusual use for skis and snapped some quick photos.  Even in a town close to a skiing area, how does one accumulate so many skis?


Red Lodge

Yesterday as I walked by my newest quilt in my dining room, I realized seeing the stripe pattern the fence of skis made, was truly quiltingmy subliminal inspiration. What unusual experiences or encounters have inspired you?





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Red, White, and Cute! Bead Dolly the Llama

I have been busy making four bead embroidery creatures for my NEW online class: Create a Beaded Menagerie.  Meet Dolly the Llama!

In  7 weekly online lessons make your very own bead menagerie in Creating a Beaded Menagerie.  Work at your own pace, 24/7 even in your PJs.

Bead Buzz the Dragonfly, Dolly the Llama, Inky the Octopus, and Hoot the Owl are waiting to meet you.  You will learn so many new beading techniques! 

The online bead embroidery class includes:

  • Download PDF step by step 7 lessons with photos and illustrations
  • Ask your teacher questions, and receive feedback
  • Post your progress and finished project photos
  • Interact with your online classmates
  • CLASS DVD as part of the CLASS KIT

Yes, class kit and class DVD!

Registration closes soon!  More information


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Video from Online Bead Embroidery Class

Peek inside one video from my new online bead embroidery class, Creating a Bead Menagerie.

Inky the Octopus is just one of four beaded creatures in this online class where I will teach you my original style of bead embroidery. Did you know the complete class DVD comes in the class kit?  Yep, yours forever!  Register now, and reserve your place.  You can register here:

How do you like the video, please leave a comment and let me know.

You can unsubscribe  here

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Just Released! Bead Inky with Bead Embroidery



Meet Inky the Octopus, one of 4 bead embroidery creatures  included in my online course Creating a Beaded Menagerie.

Inky is so much fun to make, and easier than you think! To make sure you enjoy making Inky I have 11 videos, and written PDF text with step-by-step illustrations and photographs to guide you, and a kit for all the supplies you need for success.

Want an email reminder when registration opens for Creating a Beaded Menagerie?

Want to know the inspiration for my bead embroidered Inky? Watch this video about an octopus named Inky who escapes from a tank and slithers down a drain to the ocean, never to be seen again!


Share what you think about one Inky or both.  Leave your comment below.



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Sip and Sew? Winner!

Nancy (with a  rr. hot email address) name was drawn out of the hat. Nancy’s comment:

I would not be able to do much sipping before I could do no more stitching! Like many of the comments above I have learned to make sure nothing is around to upset my machines or contaminate my work space. Now a holder for chocolate I could easily incorporate into my work space.

Twenty Nine comments were posted before noon today, click Comments under the wine glass and read all, read them here:
If you posted a comment or read all of them,  you are also a winner! Here is a link to to take my classes and all 13,000  SkillShare classes at no extra charge.  You can watch three months for 99cents with this link.
Happy Valentines Day everyone and thanks for sharing the fun!
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