Bead Mix Soup Red and Pink


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Bead Mix or Bead Soup: Be My Valentine

A hearty bead mix portion of 3 colors of size 11 Japanese seed beads, 2 colors of size 6 Japanese seed beads, 2 colors of bugle beads, and two colors of cube beads. A great value as you have multiple colors in this mix instead of buying a tube of each color. And when you are looking for a red or pink bead color for your project, you have several options to pick from! Nancy recommends ash grey Silamide thread as the single best neutral thread color choice for this mix.  Or light pink and red Silamide as the best camouflage thread colors. This photo is enlarged, the smallest beads you see  are the size 11 Japanese seed beads which are the size of a dull pencil lead on a pencil. The bead mix is packaged in a 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2-inch” x 1/2″ blister package.  You”ll be sweet on these colors! The colors are gorgeous, let’s start beading!



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