Be Prepared Beading Kit





With this Beading Kit You Are Always Prepared

Have you wanted to start a new beading project but you realized you did not have all you needed to begin beading? Not the right color of beading thread, or no beading needles?

Now you can be stocked with everything you need to successfully start and finish your bead embroidery project.  My Be Prepared Beading Kit! This kit includes the much appreciated velux beading mat, thin size 12 beading needles, the incredibly useful needle threader for fine needles, and a gorgeous assortment of 19 colors of Silamide beading thread.  All the tools you need for beading success, and at your fingertips ready to go!

To do the job right, you need the right tools!.  Nothing made this more apparent than when my 2 year old locked herself in the bathroom and my hubby tried to use the kitchen tongs to take off the door hinges. (Guess what he got for Christmas that year…tools.)

Be prepared with the right tools for all of your beading projects, order my Be Prepared Beading Kit today!



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