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2017-2018 Fees for US Guilds and Conferences:

$750 for each 6 hour workshop up to 20 students, add $25 per each additional student up to 25 if space permits.

$400 for each 3 hour workshop up to 20 students, add $15 per each additional student up to 25 if space permits.

All workshops have course kits, fee varies by workshop

PowerPoint with Trunk Show, $400 with workshop(s), $550 without workshop(s)

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Crazy Beading

1 Day workshop  All experience levels,  no sewing machines

Learn to replicate traditional Crazy Quilt needlework embroidery stitches with seed beads.  Coined “Crazy Beading” by Nancy. In this class you will create feather stitches, lazy daisy, fans and more with beads! Then explore embellishment options including petals, leaves, and grapes.

Course Kit Includes DVD










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Seed Bead Botany

1 Day workshop  All experience levels,  no sewing machines

Create a bounty of beaded botanical beauties using mostly small size 11 seed beads. Learn numerous fabric beading stitches to create several varieties of flowers, stamen, leaves, vines, berries, grapes, and foliage for your garden theme or crazy quilt projects. No prior beading experience necessary.










Nancy Eha beading workshopBead-Dazzling Embroidery Interpretations

 1 Day workshop  All experience levels,  no sewing machines

Learn how to replicate embroidery stitches with beads. As beads and thread have different physical properties, you will learn the finer points of the conversion process. Fear not, Nancy has developed a foolproof method so that even an absolute beginning beader can be successful! . You will learn beaded variations of the chain stitch, buttonhole, fly, cretan, and how to create beaded berries on fabric.

Course Kit Includes DVD











Beaded Dragonfly with Sashiko

1 Day workshop All experience levels, no sewing machines

Create a. 5-inch wide by 3 to 4-inch long dragonfly with a beaded body and metallic machine embroidered translucent tulle wings. (Pre-made wings provided by instructor) Then pick a traditional Sashiko pattern to bead, substituting short bugle beads for thread stitches. A great addition to an Asian inspired, garden theme, or crazy quilt!

 Course Kit includes DVD







Elevated ?Beading

Elevated Beading

1 Day Workshop All Experience levels, no sewing machines

Explore elevated beading, Nancy’s beading discovery. The bead line patterns do not rest on nor are attached to the fabric. Instead the bead lines are held up and off the surface by pre-constructed bead supports. This achieves a true three-dimensional look. A variety of elevated beading patterns will be introduced, then have time to design and create patterns of your own. This is an easy, fun, and fast way to add bead luster and beaded patterns to your art quilts.









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Beaded Kaleidoscopes

1 Day Workshop, some prior beading experience helpful, no sewing machines

Recreate your own dazzling kaleidoscope with glass beads. Numerous design options will be presented as you explore Nancy’s elevated beading techniques. The kaleidoscope is created with elevated seed bead lines that do not rest on the fabric, but are supported above the fabric surface by other beads. The finished 3D kaleidoscope is 5-inches in diameter. The techniques covered in this workshop will give you new ideas for adding sparkling beaded texture to your art quilts.


Course Kit includes DVD









Organic Beading For Art Quilters

 1 Day workshop All experience levels, no sewing machines

Especially designed for art quilters who want to learn dimensional, textural fabric beading techniques. Learn sticky lollipops, beaded coils, attach cabochons with beads, and much more! Start a unique abstract creation while learning and applying a myriad of textural beading techniques on your small art quilt.










Nancy Eha Beading Class Beaded Text Messages

1/2  Day or 1 Day Option  All experience levels, no sewing machines

Add a layer of meaning to your fabric-based creations. Learn the finer points of creating several script and print font styles with continuous secure lines of beads on fabric. Write poetry, quotations, attention-grabbers, titles, and even sign your work of art! Start your own personalized Create beaded text message piece in class.

1/2 Day : Writing script letters with beads, the word Create











Beaded Spider and Beaded Web

1/2 Day, All experience levels, no sewing machines

Add sparkle and dimension to your crazy quilts and quilting projects with this totally beaded 3-D motif.  We will also discuss additional design options for the beading stitches covered in this workshop.













Beaded Snowflakes

1/2 day workshop, All experience levels, no sewing machines

The perfect detail to attach to your winter theme projects.  Using only small size 11 seed beads, needle, and thread you will construct these delicate yet easy to make snowflake shapes.  Adapting the pattern for several sizes, and design options will also be covered.

Snowflakes average in size from 1/2″  to1- inch in diameter.










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Multi-Day Options also Available


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Nancy Eha
The Beading Queen


Enjoy yourself and have a few laughs!

60 minute PowerPoint presentations,  questions from the audience, and a trunk show of my “obsessively beaded” quilts.

Beyond Bling: Creating Beaded Focal Points

Challenge the preconceived notion that the purpose of beads is to add mere “sparkle” to your fabric based projects.  Nancy has defined her unique artistic voice by exploring, inventing, and using new beading processes she has developed via endless hours of asking “What If?” questions of beads and fabric. She labels this knowledge “Bead Physics”.  Learn how she turns her beading discoveries in to beaded focal points and primary design elements on her quilts. And often times, obsessively beaded quilts.  Discover  how to use several easy to learn beading stitches in novel ways.  This lecture will delight the eye and inspire the hands!

New Beading Techniques from Needle Art Traditions

Frequently drawing upon our global needlework heritage when developing and creating her original art,  Nancy asks the question “What would that particular needle art method look like as a beading process?” Through endless experimentation she has transformed Japanese Sashiko, Victorian crazy quilt stitches, Native American beading stitches, Needlepoint, and Embroidery into new innovative beading processes.  Join Nancy on her creative journey and learn the finer points of converting needlework inspirations into beading patterns on your fabric based projects.

 Turning Inspiration Into Art

Inspiration is everywhere! How many times have you looked at something and said, “That would make a great quilt?”  We think we will remember the inspiration and be ready to use it when we have the time; after all it was a good one.  But do you? Or do you stall because you feel uninspired or can’t remember your good ideas.  How can we collect, store, nurture, and implement our inspiring ideas when there are so many other aspects of life calling for our attention? Nancy will share tips on how to keep inspirations fresh and turning your ideas into art.

Antique Beaded Bags

Antique beaded bags are popular with collectors of art, antiques, and beadwork.  Explore the history of beaded bags circa 1820’s-1950’s. A collection of 50+ beaded bags will be documented with slides and research information.  You will accumulate clues in identifying the date of these beaded treasures as you view the progression of bag styles, patterns, motifs, frames, and the diverse beading techniques used in the construction process. The lecture is slide based, the host group must provide a slide projector.

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